Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment FAQ's


What makes this LASER unique?

It is the first and ONLY non-thermal LASER FDA-cleared LASER for fungal nails. This is considered a cold LASER and does not cause any pain.

How long will it take for my nails to clear?

Toenails only grow 1-2mm every month, so based on your nail growth rate, the average time it will take to clear the nails of fungal infection is 9-12 months.

Am I contagious while being treated?

The treatment does not make you any more contagious than when you are not treating your nails. However, toenail fungus can be very contagious. You can get a toenail fungus via direct contact with someone that has a fungus but also through indirect contact, especially in warm moist environments such as pools, hot tubs, locker room floors, and pedicures.

Can I wear nail polish?

It is not recommended to wear nail polish during the treatments. However, if you are going to wear polish after the treatment, it is not recommended to keep it on for more than 3 days.

How many treatments are required?

Treatment requires 4- 12 minute sessions. During this time, we also use UV light treatment to kill the fungal spores in the patient's shoes.

What is the percentage of success?

In clinical trials, patients have shown an 89% response to treatments.

How many toes does the cost include?

We treat all 10 toes during this treatment. It is a no-heat, no-pain, non-invasive treatment. Not only does it treat the affected nails, but it also preventatively treats the others. In addition, if someone suffers from an athlete's foot or tinea pedis, this also helps treat this.

Do you use any other treatments in addition to the LASER treatment?

Most times, it is recommended to use a topical antifungal and antifungal shoe spray in conjunction with LASER treatment. This helps also treat the nail to optimize nail health, minimize thickness and promote cosmetic outcomes.


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