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Sports injuries can affect a player’s ability to continue participating in certain activities. In some cases, surgery is required to repair severe damage to ligaments, tendons, and other structures. At Castle Rock Foot & Ankle Care, Dr. Jessica Herzog and Dr. Paul Stone evaluate each patient’s sports injury and determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

Sports Injuries Q & A

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What are Some Common Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries typically affect the knee, leg, ankle, and foot, although serious injuries can occur in other parts of the body. Some of the most common kinds of sports injuries include anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears in the knee, sprained ankles, hamstring strains, and shin splints. Other common injuries that affect athletes include ankle instability, Achilles tendon tears, and foot or ankle fractures. 

What Causes Sports Injuries?

There are several possible causes of sports injuries. These range from a failure to warm up before participating in sports to trauma caused by collisions with other players or equipment. Improper gear can also increase the risk of sports injuries, since this gear is designed to keep athletes safe and reduce impact, especially in football and other contact sports. Those who play sports that involve a lot of repetitive movement or sudden twists and turns, such as basketball, have a higher risk of tearing a tendon or ligament. Those who play rougher sports that involve tackling and other physical contact are more at risk of fractures and other serious injuries.

What are the Treatment Options for Sports Injuries?

Treatment options for sports injuries depend on the type of injury that occurred, the part of the body that is affected, and the severity of the injury. Mild injuries typically respond well to nonsurgical methods of treatment, such as elevating the affected part of the body, limiting activities for a certain period of time, and taking nonprescription pain relievers. More severe injuries might require physical therapy to keep the affected joint flexible and strong or surgery to correct or repair damage to certain structures, such as bones or ligaments. The amount of time it takes to recover from sports injuries depends on the type of treatment needed and the severity of the injury.

How Can I Lower My Risk of Sports Injuries?

Athletes and others who participate in sporting activities can lower the risk of injuries by taking time to properly warm up before playing. Other ways to reduce the risk of sports injuries include wearing proper gear and using the right equipment, and having a physical exam done to check for any conditions that could increase the risk of injury.


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