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Total Ankle Replacements

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Total ankle joint replacements ease pain, stiffness, and other symptoms associated with arthritis in the ankle. This helps restore normal function and allows individuals to resume their usual activities. At Castle Rock Foot & Ankle Care, Dr. Jessica Herzog, Dr. Ronnie Pollard, and Dr. Evan Smith provide total ankle joint replacement procedures.

Total Ankle Replacements Q & A

What is a Total Ankle Joint Replacement?

Total ankle joint replacement is a procedure that replaces the joint with an artificial one. Damaged cartilage and other structures are removed during this procedure. This type of surgery relieves persistent pain and helps ensure that the ankle joint stays flexible. It also lowers the risk of wear and tear in the joints near the ankle joint.

Why is a Total Ankle Joint Replacement Done?

Total ankle joint replacement is done to restore flexibility and function to ankle joints that have severe damage due to arthritis, infections, and fractures. This type of procedure involves removing bone, cartilage and other structures that are affecting flexibility or causing discomfort and putting an artificial joint in place.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Total Ankle Joint Replacement?

Individuals who have severe ankle pain and difficulty moving this joint, even after trying nonsurgical methods of treatment, are generally considered suitable candidates for total ankle joint replacement. Those who have arthritis and those who prefer to have a replacement done instead of fusion surgery are typically considered good candidates for this procedure. However, not all individuals can have total ankle joint replacement done. Those who have severe deformities in the ankle joint, a history of infections in the ankle, poor circulation in the affected leg, or not enough soft tissue in the area aren’t considered good candidates for a total ankle joint replacement.

What Should I Expect During a Total Ankle Joint Replacement?

Patients who undergo total ankle joint replacement can expect to be put under general anesthesia. In some cases, a more localized nerve block is used instead. During this procedure, the front or side of the ankle is opened to remove damaged bone and cartilage. The artificial ankle joint, which is made of plastic and metal, is inserted and secured in place. The incision is closed with stitches, and the affected leg is put in a cast boot or cast while the joint heals. This is generally a safe procedure, although there are risks of infection, nerve damage, excess bleeding, or blood clots, as there are with any invasive procedure. After a few weeks, patients are able to begin putting weight on the affected foot again.


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