We Celebrate 10 years of Ownership under Dr. Jessica Herzog!

Celebrating 10 years of practice ownership.

As I sit here and reflect on the past 10 years of ownership of Castle Rock Foot & Ankle Care, it is amazing to reflect not only on all of the changes that haven taken place in my practice, but also the changes in medicine & healthcare in general. I feel very blessed to have been given the initial opportunity to join CRFA in 2010 under the ownership of Dr. Jeannie O'Rourke. Dr. O'Rourke was one of my very dear mentors during my residency at Presbyterian St. Luke's, here in Denver. She extended a job opportunity to me after my graduation and then the opportunity to purchase the practice in February 2011 when she decided to join Kaiser Healthcare. I couldn't believe this dream of mine to own my own practice would be a reality only 7 months after graduation from residency.

The story continues with many ebbs and flows of change, all the while bettering the practice along the way. My initial belief of providing superior patient care and fostering individual relationships has been and continues to be the core to the success of my practice. I truly believe we have been so blessed to have established a solid foot & ankle practice due to this value system. Not only do our doctors do this for patients, I truly see it in the staff members I have carefully selected to join our group. As a whole, I believe we provide the best, most thorough, comprehensive care to our patients. We know our patients as individuals- their goals, desires and ultimate treatment wishes. We also often get to know their families and friends as well, as word of mouth continues to be the number one way we grow our practice. 

I will say that as a woman-owned small business, there have been many days I question why I do it all. I have a wonderful support system in my family, yet frequently it can be difficult to wear the hats of being a practice owner, physician, mother of a 3 and 4 year old, wife, etc... However, I wouldn't have it any other way. I absolutely love what I do. I love my community, my staff, my patients. Cheers to the next decade!

Dr. Jessica Herzog Dr. Jessica Herzog provides podiatry care as a Board-Certified foot and ankle surgeon at Castle Rock Foot & Ankle Care. Dr. Herzog earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science and a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree at The Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Herzog is dedicated to providing exceptional care for all of her patients, which involves taking several factors into consideration to create a treatment plan. She bases this personalized plan on the patient’s lifestyle, living situation, and long-term plans/goals. Dr. Herzog also shows a strong commitment to the Castle Rock community as a whole by participating in local events, including races, chamber events and at her local church.

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