Tired of Recurrent Ankle Sprains and Instability?

Ankle sprains and instability- 

I can talk on this topic from not only a professional level, but also a personal level. I have lived with my husband now for 15 years, and I have gone through the constant cycle of ankle sprains with him- I have seen the swelling, bruising, instant pain and hobbling, delayed pain and hobbling, icing cycles, bracing, you name it. My husband served in the Air Force special forces, and loved the adrenaline of serving his country while also getting be an athlete for a living. However, he sprained his ankle more times than he could count. He finally realized surgery needed to happen in his civilian life.

Seeking professional guidance from me, he asked what could be done that would not put him out of commission the long haul. I had the answer- Arthrex Brostrom procedure with Internal Brace. This newer modality for fixation allows for earlier weightbearing, quicker return to physical activity, increased stability and improved function, much quicker than many other measures that need to be taken.

After he pursued surgery, I can vividly remember a day when we were on a trail run. I was directly behind him on uneven terrain, running through loose gravel and rocks. I saw it happen, he rolled his surgical ankle. Rather than falling down or developing a significant sprain, his ankle automatically sprung back into position. He turned around in surprise, asking if I had just seen what happened. I did. He did. Ankle sprain avoided. The Internal Brace had done its job. I was very impressed from a foot & ankle surgeon perspective.

I continue to do this procedure on a regular basis. Let Castle Rock Foot & Ankle Care get you back into your game injury free and brace free. We can correct ankle instability. No more ankle injuries for you.

Dr. Jessica Herzog Dr. Jessica Herzog provides podiatry care as a Board-Certified foot and ankle surgeon at Castle Rock Foot & Ankle Care. Dr. Herzog earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science and a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree at The Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Herzog is dedicated to providing exceptional care for all of her patients, which involves taking several factors into consideration to create a treatment plan. She bases this personalized plan on the patient’s lifestyle, living situation, and long-term plans/goals. Dr. Herzog also shows a strong commitment to the Castle Rock community as a whole by participating in local events, including races, chamber events and at her local church.

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