Do I have Midfoot Arthritis?

Why does my foot hurt at the top of it and cause an aching with walking or standing in one place? Do I have midfoot arthritis? These may be common questions you are asking during these times of social distancing during COVID-19. Most likely, your daily activities are much different than your usual ones.

Here are the top reasons you may be getting aching pain at the level of your midfoot (the top or bottom of your arch area) and some practical treatment options you can pursue:

1. You are going barefoot too much while at home

-When a foot is used to getting support in the form of either shoes or inserts in shoes, the bones and soft tissue attachments are supported by these devices. When barefoot, your foot is likely pronating (arch collapsing) more than normal, and the joints are getting tired, aching and worn down. At some point, the cartilage may be completely gone, and you may be experiencing bone-on-bone pain that is worse with activity.


-Find a great pair of slippers to be worn in the house. Castle Rock Foot & Ankle Care recommends Vionic, a brand we carry in the office. We can do curb-side delivery if you would like to try a pair.

-Find a pair of supportive shoes dedicated to be worn in the house. Make sure the shoe does not fold upon itself like a wet cloth when you twist it. It should twist minimally from side to side and only bend at the toes in the sole. 


2. You are increasing your outdoor walking/ exercise

-Evaluate your shoegear. There is a great chance that if you are normally at a desk job or more sedentary, you may be now getting more steps in per day than typical. Are your shoes worn out? Do they have abnormal tread patterns? Are you wearing the correct type of shoe for the activity you are doing?


-Evaluate your shoes to check for these abnormalities. You can also utilize online shoe company's websites to assess which shoe is right for you. is a great resource.

-Castle Rock Foot & Ankle Care is happy to offer a Telemedicine appointment as well to evaluate your midfoot pain and potential midfoot arthritis. We can also do a shoe check online with you.


3. You have underlying Osteoarthritis or Previous Trauma at the level of the midfoot

-Evaluate if you get increased swelling at the top of your foot after activity. This tends to subside or improve with less activity. It may be better in the morning and get worse throughout the day. There can also be a degree of pronation (flat-foot collapse) that can make the problem worse.


-Do you wear any inserts or orthotics? If not, these are great options. We offer over-the-counter Ped Pillow inserts as well as custom orthotics. These are great for preventing further arthritic breakdown.

-You can try topical anti-inflammatories: Arnica gel, topical CBD, prescription compounds for inflammation

-Make an appointment for an x-ray and evaluation. You may also be a great candidate for surgical correction of the problem.


Contact Castle Rock Foot & Ankle Care today if you feel you need your midfoot pain evaluated- 303-814-1082.


Be safe and stay healthy during all of this!


Dr. Jessica Herzog Dr. Jessica Herzog provides podiatry care as a Board-Certified foot and ankle surgeon at Castle Rock Foot & Ankle Care. Dr. Herzog earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science and a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree at The Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Herzog is dedicated to providing exceptional care for all of her patients, which involves taking several factors into consideration to create a treatment plan. She bases this personalized plan on the patient’s lifestyle, living situation, and long-term plans/goals. Dr. Herzog also shows a strong commitment to the Castle Rock community as a whole by participating in local events, including races, chamber events and at her local church.

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