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Why do my feet feel so bony and hurt?

Leneva Fat Pad Injection

As you age, the elastin and collagen on the bottoms of your feet wear down and become thinner. This tissue thinning can also come about from wearing high heels, running, or playing sports for years. In Colorado, patients of all ages are very active, and this can affect the ability to hike, run, play pickleball or do any activity that requires impact exercise. Do not let your feet stop you from doing the things you enjoy; continue to strive to keep your mind and physical health at the forefront.

We have an option for this- fat pad supplementation injections using Leneva.

Leneva is an all-natural fat pad supplement made from sterile human derived adipose tissue. It is intended to induce your own body to create more fat cells, which aids in extra cushioning in the foot. This treatment is done in the office by the doctor under local anesthetic, followed by wearing a walking boot for 7-10 days.

After your treatment, results will appear gradually. If you don’t see a significant difference right away, that’s normal and not a cause for worry. It may take several days or a couple of weeks to notice an improvement. The results of your injections can last for up to two years, but on average will last approximately one year. At that point, you can schedule additional treatments, as you need them.

Almost anyone with a healthy immune system can benefit from Leneva, but you should avoid it if you have an allergy to any of its ingredients. Be sure to talk to the doctors about your health history before having the treatment.

The number of Leneva injections you need depends on the overall state of your foot tissue. The doctor will examine your feet to help determine your ideal treatment regimen. 

Keep your feet healthy so you stay healthy!

*Individual results may vary.

Dr. Jessica Herzog Dr. Jessica Herzog provides podiatry care as a Board-Certified foot and ankle surgeon at Castle Rock Foot & Ankle Care. Dr. Herzog earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science and a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree at The Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Herzog is dedicated to providing exceptional care for all of her patients, which involves taking several factors into consideration to create a treatment plan. She bases this personalized plan on the patient’s lifestyle, living situation, and long-term plans/goals. Dr. Herzog also shows a strong commitment to the Castle Rock community as a whole by participating in local events, including races, chamber events and at her local church.

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